Minggu, 12 Oktober 2008

Switch Bill of Lading

Switch Bill of Lading is usually used in "Cross Trade" or "Triangle" shipments.

Cross trade involved more than just the seller & buyer and since there are 3 or more parties involved in the transaction, the agent(B) or the middle man may not want the seller(A) or the buyer(C) to know each other, in order to protect his own interest. Hence, the switch B/L.

Seller (A) in China
Agent (B) in Singapore
Buyer (C) in USA

Example of Switch B/L:

Shipment can still ship direct from China to USA or via Singapore(or other country)

1st sector B/L

Shipper: A manufacturer
Consignee: B Agency
Notify Party: B Agency

Port of Loading : China
Port of Discharge : Singapore
Final Destination : Singapore

Cargo description would be unchanged!

2nd sector B/L

Shipper: B Agency
Consignee: C Buying House
Notify Party: C Buying House

Port of Loading : Singapore
Port of Discharge : USA
Final Destination : USA

Cargo description would be unchanged!

This is the simplest switch B/L, and there are a lot more complicated ones.
It depend very much on the need of the parties involved.

However, the origin of the goods has to be declared as China! NOT Singapore.

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